The Beginning…

It all goes back to when I first met Ben (obviously not his real name) back in 2014. We had both joined a new school and that’s where our story starts. At that point I can honestly say, I didn’t see Ben as anything other than, just a friend. He and I got along really well, just like friends do. Back then I was happy with that. Personally, I always got on better with guys than I had with girls from a young age; in the sense that I was and still am to some degree a tomboy with a passion for football. (Watching and playing) Although I have had my girly moments which are still continuing today.

Anyway, going back to the beginning. If I liked a guy, I’m not afraid to ask them out. Never have been and never will be afraid. Seize the moment, take the chance; you won’t know until you ask. So you could say I’m confident and feel comfortable in my own skin.

I am sure Ben will have a few choice words to say on the matter. My mouth doesn’t have a filter especially when I’m around him and the other thing is he knows I can’t lie. I have never been able to. Is that a good or bad thing? I’m pretty sure that I can irritate and drive him crazy. I know I do, but he’s too much of a gentleman to call me out on it.

Sorry for going off track again.

It was the start of September, the start of a new school year. (You can guess our profession). Everyone knows or at least I think they do – it is the worst time for any teacher. New class, new beginnings, new routines, new obstacles amongst all the other things, life throws at you. I got to know Ben because at the time I was the PE co-ordinator as well as a class teacher in a primary school and he was a PE teacher. (Although PE is not his passion – we will go into that, in further posts)

During the year we got to know each other as friends; doing the usual things that friends do – going out for lunch or dinner (not alone, I hasten to add) with others from work. Meeting up for drinks during the holidays and all that jazz. Back then we talked about theatre shows, what he was up to at the weekend, which girl he was seeing (not that there was many). I was seeing someone when I first met Ben and judging by this blog, it did not last. However, we had always said, that we would go and see a musical in the West End but my year (that year in particular) didn’t allow that due to my work commitments. Trust me when I say I had a lot. My weekends were spent catching up sleeping, eating and working. (Planning etc) My friends have told me they thought I was going to get really ill as I almost wore myself to the ground. But I survived.

As luck would have it our musical adventure didn’t happen until the following year. Don’t get me wrong – we did still meet up with friends and go for lunch and dinner. You could say he was often in my classroom but then again he wasn’t the only one. My classroom was either the first or the last one down the long corridor, where my year tried to hide and stay out the way. However, my class at the time, once asked (maybe they asked a few times) if Ben was my boyfriend. Of course I said no and asked them what had provoked that line of thinking. They responded by saying he’s always in the classroom, which did make me laugh. So obviously they could see something that I couldn’t. And they weren’t the only ones.



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