Summer into … Where did time go?

I can tell you now the summer holidays came and went. They were that exciting. I met up friends, went to London, stayed over at my cousins, watched movies and watched the football. But didn’t manage to meet up with Ben and co. I have to say it wasn’t for the lack of trying. We all tried, but five and a half weeks off, trying to organise people to meet up in one place; is not as easy as it seems, one would think with all that time.

It wasn’t until November (well, that’s where the text evidence starts). Ben asked how I was getting on. I replied and told him about my new work place. I’m not going to bore you with all the text conversations. To be honest they weren’t (aren’t) interesting. People might read more into them, but I wouldn’t, as they bog-standard texts between friends. No hidden agenda.

Well, this particular text conversation led to meeting the rest of the gang – Lara, Abi, Nick, Ben and myself. Like I said, we always went out in a group. This happened until our first non-date; however, we did encounter a few hiccups along the way.

The non-date came after many arranged meetings (this time just me and him) trying to go and watch a musical. Due to circumstances, being ill, catching various bugs, we cancelled many a times before we finally set a date.

Was that a get out clause for the both of us, at that point?

The friendship and non-dates gets a little more confusing and meaningful from this point on.


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