Musicals and all that jazz

It all started like any other Saturday. Finally after all the organisation, we made it our first musical. Don’t ask which one yet, that will all be revealed. This time it was only myself and Ben. If I’m truthfully honest, I did feel a little apprehensive. I don’t know why I would, but I was most definitely out of my comfort zone. I shouldn’t have been since Ben and I were good friends. So, what was making me feel this way?

Lunch time came and I was waiting for him in Leicester Square. It was warm day (considering it was May) with some sun and a little over cast. So I opted for a dress which I wore with leggings, a small cardigan, ankle boots and of course not forgetting a jacket. This is the UK we are talking about – four seasons in one day is normal.

For me a dress is an adventure, although I have a few now; I much prefer jeans and sweatshirt (a hoody in other words). The baggier, the better. But as were going to a musical, I thought about making an effort. I know the etiquette for going to the theatre doesn’t exist but jeans felt a little too casual for me. On any other given day, or place, I would have.

Whilst making his way to me, in Leicester Square; he told me (well he text) about the Book of Mormon raffle at lunch time. By the time I headed over there, the raffle had already started so I missed out on trying to win free tickets. It was worth a try. Ben arrived shortly afterwards and we headed off to find reasonably priced tickets at one of the ticket booths dotted around.

I wasn’t particularly bothered by what we saw. I had seen quite a few musicals but Ben who had friends in the industry had pretty much seen them all. He used to work in the industry but now only keeps a hand in, as he realised early on that he wanted job security. (Doesn’t everyone) However, he does still work on TV (when he’s not working at school).

I’d known some of this from our year of working together. Yet there was still a lot I didn’t know. I still don’t, Ben is very much a closed book; where as I am the opposite. I am very much an open book.                                                                                                               It was probably sexist of me but I let Ben call the shots for what we watched. He had asked me what I had seen and opted for something I hadn’t. He eventually settled on…The Phantom of the Opera. I have to honestly say, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Before you ask, I have seen the film and know the story. Who doesn’t? It’s a big assumption to make, that people today, young or old know the classics or even the latest blockbusters.

Once, we’d bought the tickets we went to meet Ben’s friend, Ethan. Ben had already asked me if it was ok. I said of course. I mean, why wouldn’t it be ok? It’s not like we were on a date. Ethan was working on Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre in London. As we made our from Leicester Square to the theatre, I’d forgotten, Ben knew his way around the theatre district. I had renamed him ‘Google Maps’. It was the first time I was actually met any of his ‘theatre’ friends.

At the theatre, Ben made the introductions. In comparison Ben and James were complete opposites. Don’t get me wrong, I know friends come in many shapes and forms – even the imaginary ones. Ethan is tall, dark and handsome (use of another adjective – not that I was looking) where as Ben is not as tall as Ethan (taller than me by miles, I only just come up to his shoulders), has blonde, brown hair. To this day, I still can’t figure out the colour of his eyes. And now I think it’s too late to ask. We chatted for about 10 minutes before Ethan had to go back and had made plans to meet up for dinner, as we were watching the matinee showing.




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