Phantom of the Opera

We made our way to the theatre but sill had some time to kill; we ended up in a coffee shop, where we people watched. I have to say, it is actually therapeutic – I don’t know why or how. Ben went to get a drink (he doesn’t drink tea or coffee), I didn’t want anything simply because I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. (People that know me, know I don’t eat much and it does not matter who I am with). But Ben came back with a cookie for me.

Ben and I chatted for a bit, whilst we people watched and there were comfortable silences. It was finally time to head to the theatre, which was literally a two minute walk away. Once we were in, we located our seats which were in the circle and we had a good view. Whilst, we were waiting for the show to start(we had about 20minutes), Ben filled me in on details of working as a stage manager in a theatre as well as being a performer – actor.

That was and to some extent is still his dream but like everyone else, he wants job security and this industry doesn’t have that. Eventhough, he is a PE teacher, Ben still works on TV and has a hand in the land of theatre. His dream job is to land a role in Les Miserables in the West End. But because of his baby face, he finds it changelling to get the mature roles that are out there. Through out the performance, I remember Ben humming the songs which I found out he knew because a) his training, b) because of the singing group he belongs to; c) his drama company.

Phantom was a great musical to watch and I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it until now. The sets are amazing. I was on high and it wasn’t becuase of Ben.

Leaving the theatre, we went to meet Ethan at some pub around Drury Lane. This was pub crawl with a difference. We ended up going into almost every pub, simply because Ben couldn’t get hold of him via text or a phone call. The pubs were packed because it was the FA Cup Final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Yes, I like football but neither of them were my team. Trying to find Ethan was fun; as luck would have it, we found him in the fifth pub.

Ben and I chatted with Ethan and others who were there. Twenty minutes later we left to go and get some dinner – Ben, Ethan and myself. We ended up in Wagamamas in Covent Garden. Both Ethan and I had been before but Ben hadn’t. Let’s just say dinner was an experience. Ethan and I ordered what we usually had and Ben took a while before he ordered and was still deciding when the waitress came back with our drinks.

During dinner the three of discussed all things general and then went for dessert at Patisserie Valley, Leicester Square. Well the boys did, I was still pretty full from lunch. After that we decided to head home, Ethan and I were heading in one direction as we lived off the same train line; Ben went off on his own. Not sure if Ben liked that idea.

Ethan and I talked on the way home about this and that, until we got to his station. When I got home, Ben sent a text to say thanks for the day out. That was something he hadn’t done before, when we had previously gone out in a group.


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