Half Term Meet Up

Nothing much happened after our first outing or rather non-date. Sure, we kept in touch via text but didn’t meet up. I think that’s when things changed, for the both of us. Well something changed, but not sure what.

As I said before, Ben, Lara, Abi and myself met up during the holidays or whenever we could. Well we had tried to. It was finally half term and we had finally decided to meet up for dinner. The day and venue were finally arranged and to be honest I was looking forward to it. Not for the reasons you think. I’d had some family drama (I guess that’s the easiest way to put it) The outcome was good, in fact it was the best news to hear at the end of the stressful week. I won’t go into the details as it’s not my story to tell.

So meeting up was a welcomed distraction and exactly what I needed.

We’d made arrangements to go for dinner and knowing Ben and Lara we’d go for dessert too. After all that food, we would probably end up at the watering hole, where no doubt we would see Nick. I’d text Lara during the day confirming the timings as they were still a little sketchy. She said to let Ben know, which wasn’t a problem. I also found out from Lara, that Abi wouldn’t be joining us; as she’d given birth the day before. So, given the circumstances, Abi was forgiven for not making it.

As usual Ben was running late and we hadn’t booked anywhere, there was a 45 minute wait for a table at Nandos. Lara and I booked a table and went to get a drink elsewhere. I have to say it wasn’t alcoholic; a) I don’t drink, b) Lara was also pregnant and due sometime at the end of August. (It was May/June half term). We ended up in Wagamamas as they could seat us straight away. I made, what I thought was an innocent comment (but it wasn’t according to Lara) about Ben not liking Wagamamas. Lara gave me look, so I explained how I knew he didn’t like the place.

By the time we ordered our drinks, Ben had arrived. Considering we all quite good friends, he choose to sit next to me. That was fine, I had no problem but I could see Lara’s brain working over time trying to piece the puzzle together. Eventually our drinks arrived and as I had ordered a lemonade and water; I gave the water to Ben. I would have done the same for any other friend. Lara gave me another look, which I ignored, as I didn’t know what she wanted me to say. Finishing our drinks we headed back to Nandos.

Luckily they were ready to seat us when we got there, we headed on up stairs. After all the events in the week that I had dealt with, I actually wasn’t that hungry. While Ben and Lara were deciding what to order, we caught up on what ever had happened since we had last seen each other. It was funny how Ben and I never discussed going to the theatre. And I don’t even think we hiding it on purpose. I can’t lie, so if people ask me a question, I will give them a straight answer.

I went with Ben to order Lara’s food and I could feel her eyes on me, which I choose to ignore. Instead I focused on Ben who was talking about something. Don’t get me wrong, I was listening but my mind was preoccupied. And no it wasn’t in the gutter. Ben and I casually chatted away like we always did. Once we had ordered we headed back to Lara whom I’m assuming was speculating what was going on between Ben and I.

I did steal a few of Ben’s chips only because Lara didn’t order any. After our main course we went for dessert at another place.Lara and I were winding Ben up, not that he easily gets wound up. But his wallet had been stolen and we were teasing him about the Velcro wallet that he currently had. Call it flirting or what ever you want, I went through Ben’s wallet. He did give it to me. Lara looked at me in shock. Ben on the other hand had a ‘Dare You’ face on. I have to say I won! I went through his wallet, without any hesitation. But I had a feeling Ben wouldn’t have given me his wallet if there was anything in there, that he didn’t want me to see or find.



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