Half Term Meet Up – Part 2

The madness didn’t stop there. After dessert, Ben had received a text from Nick telling him that he was in the pub. As none of us had work the next day, we headed over to meet him. It had been while since I’d seen Nick and his girlfriend Leah. We located them in a booth near the bar, (no surprise there) with another mutual friend, Nate.

Nick did look over at me and then at Ben, but I ignored what ever he was suggesting. We arranged ourselves in the booth and before you think or say – did you sit next to Ben. The answer is no I didn’t. In fact I was furthest away from him for the first time that evening. (Not that it bothered me) I was at one side of the booth, with Nick next to me and Leah on the other side. Nate sat opposite me, Lara opposite Ben and yep you guessed it, Ben opposite Leah.

Some of the topics of conversation were not for sensitive ears; an example being – nipple sizes: first of all how random and second of all, why on earth were we discussing nipple sizes? I can’t remember how the conversation even started and how the topic came up. I’m pretty sure it was the men who brought up the topic of conversation and us women just went along with it. Why? Who on earth knows? We did also have conversations about baby names for Lara’s bump. I think that was the most normal of the lot.

So you can see how the night went on. We stayed until the bell rang for last orders and then made our way out. However, we then spent another half an hour talking outside, where it had got quite a bit cooler. (even though it was the summer) Finally saying our goodbyes, Lara and I headed off to the car park.

It was here, she finally cornered me, with; “What’s going on with you and Ben?” I looked at her confused (who wouldn’t). So, she continued, “I was going to text you at dinner and tell you two to get a room.” I was actually surprised by her outburst.  “What made you think that?” I asked, now curious as to what had got her attention. I didn’t think we had been any different to how we normally were. But obviously I was missing something.

Lara gave me penny for her thoughts, explaining what she thought. Apparently it came down to:

  • The chemistry
  • The sly looks, that we were supposedly giving each other
  • Flirting (?)
  • Mutual attraction
  • Our body language – what ever that means?

Her advice to me was to ask him out; I had nothing to lose. (If we were good friends, it wouldn’t affect our relationship.)

Or did I?


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