Asking the question


Yes, I am a modern woman and I do go after what I want. But not at the expense of going out my way to hurt anyone or myself.

The very next day, I did in fact ask him out, via text. Not because I wanted to do it through a text – but I wasn’t sure when I’d see him, as we hadn’t made concrete plans. This was the first time via text, unless you count emails, through online dating?

His response – not what I was hoping for. But it wasn’t a direct no, for which I was grateful for. The general gist of the text said that for the moment he’d like to be friends and that he had a few things to work through at this point. How does one respond to this type of text? The only way I knew how – so I text back ‘Mates it is’.

I wasn’t going to ditch him just because he said no. I’m not that kind of person. My friends will tell you – I’m too nice. But that’s just me. I can’t change who I am. I would like to have said that was the end of that. However, it wasn’t. We kept in touch, just as friends do about general things. It wasn’t until the beginning of July that things changed.

That was when he asked if I wanted to go and see the show his drama group had been working on. The next entry will have the details…


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