The Show

Don’t for a moment think, that every time Ben suggested things; I automatically said yes. I didn’t. But it was now the start of July and that meant the summer holidays were only round the corner. Yay! Every teachers dream. It is the only holiday you can truly kick back and relax. Some teachers say that they relax in all of the other holidays, but the summer break is the one where you enjoy yourself. Not forgetting the evenings are longer and lighter.

Moving on, I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to come along. Ben gave me two tickets, so it came down to whoever could make it. Luckily my friend Cara could, she was another teacher who was also very much into drama and theatre. We made arrangements that I would drive and grab dinner on the way. Which we did, however, I didn’t think we would encounter traffic as we left before 5pm. Along the way, my friend text Ben to let him know we were running late, to which, Ben text back stating that Nick was at the door. The venue where the show was taking place was at my old school, which was just as well. I knew how to get there and the short cuts. So I had that on my side. Luckily once we got through the traffic, we made it just as the opening song came to an end. We would have been there sooner, had Nick let us in, before he gave me a grilling and let me in.

He was evidently surprised to me and Cara turn up and I have to say I felt a little awkward because of the questions he was asking. He asked why I was there? Well, I replied Ben asked me a while ago to come to his show and I said yes. My answer must have shocked him because obviously Ben hadn’t let him know. Nick thought there was more to the situation than there was. Eventually after the shock had worn off he let us in. My friend couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. I introduced the two – Nick and Cara before we headed into the school hall which was the auditorium for the evening.

Since the show had already started we quietly found two seats at the end of a row. The performance was an amalgamation of songs and from a variety of musicals with a story written to fit. I have to say it was courtesy of Ben and his friends who ran the drama group.

Little did I know what was in store.

There were a few children who I had taught and others that knew me from when I taught at the school. So far I had been impressed and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew Ben and his friends (Luke and Devon – that ran the drama club) had all gone to drama school. The children in the show were aged from 7 to 16. (I think – I could be wrong)

Just before the interval, there was an incident, where a child walked into something back stage. It just so happened to be a child I used to teach when I was at the school. The show carried on, while Ben took the child out for first aid. He happened to pass by where we were sitting and acknowledged my presence as he went past. He knew I was there and that was the main thing. The interval came, Cara and I stayed in our seats and discussed what we had seen in the the first part. The child who had been hurt came back for the 2nd part with ice pack.

The show continued and I was certainly impressed as was Cara. But the surprise element that Ben and Luke sang a duet. I knew Ben could sing but had never heard him. Actually that is a lie, he did sing when we went to see Phantom. It was the first time I had seen Ben in his element. He was good – don’t get me wrong. I knew that singing, acting and dancing were his forte but I had never seen it. And to this day I still haven’t seen his full potential. Maybe one day I will? Is that wishful thinking?

I can’t tell you what was going through his mind, but it made me smile and I was proud of him. (Call me whatever you want) If you can’t be proud for your friends and family who can you be proud of? After the duet, the show came to a close.





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