Another musical – The Bodyguard

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy and merry Christmas.

Enjoy the next entry.

It was the start of the new English Premier League season, but luckily my team did not play until the Sunday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get tickets to see my team on the Sunday. Anyway, the story continues with texts between Ben and myself. It started with some food in a country pub and then going for a wander. (Romantic to say the least.) Somehow, I don’t know how we came away from that; to going to London.

This time, however, we didn’t meet in London. In fact we met at a train station and got the train down together. It was busy being the middle of the summer holidays. We got the train heading into London. An eventful journey it was.

It started off with Ben asking if I had a mirror. The question made me laugh out loud. I did reply by saying – ‘Do I look like I do?’ I then added, (I know people in the carriage were listening and before you ask, no I wasn’t trying to cause a scene.) ‘I’m not a girly girl.’ I rarely carry a bag, so asking for a mirror is a bit of a long shot. To give Ben credit, he laughed. I asked him why he needed a mirror and it was because of his contacts lenses.

His next move surprised me as usually he did what he wanted. But this time he asked permission if he could ask the two ladies next to us. I nodded. They didn’t! Ben then spotted two teenagers and asked them. Funnily enough they did have a mirror. He brought the mirror back and asked me to hold it. I did, while he put in his contacts. Once done, he gave the girls their mirror back.

I think we were the entertainment for the carriage that afternoon. The conversations Ben and I were having were obviously entertaining. The men sitting in the seats but on the opposite side were chuckling at our exchange. However, it wasn’t just them, the people around Ben and I were amused and listening on. And I have to say Ben and I weren’t putting on a show. Eventually our train arrived in London

Ben and I wondered around, deciding what we were going to do. As I had said or rather written before – I let Ben choose what he wanted to go and see and do. I was happy to go along with whatever he choose. (If I did want to do something, believe me, I would have said it.) Once again we somehow ended up in Leicester Square. We visited a few theatre booths before Ben decided on a musical – The Bodyguard. Tickets were cheap on the basis that the leads – Bev Knight and Ben Richards weren’t in it. I wasn’t bothered and neither was Ben. Although it would have been great to see them.

We headed towards the theatre and then Ben decided he was hungry. What did he want? anyones guess – Nandos. So Ben went into Carphone Warehouse to ask where the nearest one was. I could have looked at my phone but Ben wanted to ask – so I let him. The nearest Nandos was back the way we came. Instead of getting public transport we walked back. I laughed all the way. Ben told me it wasn’t that funny. But it was.

The show was amazing, even without the main leads.


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