Next stop – Funny Girl

Happy New Year

May 2017 bring you happiness in all that you do.

What can I say? Yes, another musical and this time it is one, that I wanted to see. And before you ask – Ben had already seen it. Why he chooses to go and see musicals that he has previously seen with me, is a question you will have to ask him. I was already in London, as I was meeting my old uni friend – Anne. We had already made plans before Funny Girl came up. She wanted to meet the elusive Ben, which was fine with me. Since I had met quite a few of his friends. In fact Cara is the only one who has met him. But lets not dwell on that fact; it’s minor considering.

Anyway, I met Anne at about midday and we wandered around Covent Garden. We went into shops, had lunch, all those things that girls like to do. If Ben was on time, he would have met Anne, but as it happened; he wasn’t. He’d fallen asleep, when he text to say he was running late. Anne was a little disappointed that she wasn’t going to get the chance to meet him. She had a few errands after she left me, which was why she didn’t hang around. After visiting our last shop, which happened to be a bookshop; I had an hour to kill before Ben would arrive.

I wondered aimlessly around Covent Garden, Leicester Square and eventually made my way to the theatre showing The Book of Mormon, where Ben said he’d meet me. As usual I was early so I entered the raffle for tickets. Every time I did this, I had never won. Ben who had taken part in the raffle on many occasions often won. For this reason he named me his bad luck charm.

Ben finally arrived. As usual we walked around London and grabbed some dinner before heading to the theatre. Collecting the tickets from the box office, I noticed Ben seemed agitated and restless. I asked him if he was ok, he said he was; so I left it. If he had wanted me to know what the problem was he would have told me. Well I hoped he would.

We found our seats – I say that but it was Ben who directed me. The show still had a while (about 20 minutes) before it started and as usual Ben made friends with the man (Danny) sitting next to him; who was on his own. As I said before, Ben could talk to a brick wall, if it could talk back. Even if it didn’t, he’d still talk to it. But that’s Ben to the core!

Soon enough the show started and I have to say I was captivated. Sheridan Smith was amazing to watch. She has charisma and presence on stage. The first half flew by and it was time for the interval and I had enjoyed every minute of it. During the interval, Ben went for a toilet break; which left me talking to Danny (the man we had made friends with). I don’t think Ben liked that I was talking to him as he looked uncomfortable and irritated. At that moment I couldn’t understand Ben. What did it matter – we were / are just friends? The 2nd half went much quicker than the 1st. It was a shame that it was finishing its stint in the West End.

When it ended, the three of us walked back to a tube station; I was trying to tell Ben we were going to the wrong one. But he and Danny were engrossed in a conversation and I felt like the third wheel. It wasn’t until Danny said bye, shook Ben’s hand; and then leaned to give me a kiss –  did I get Ben’s attention. I was a little shocked by his outburst to be honest. Leaving Danny, Ben and I made our to the tube station to get our own trains home.

What was going on with Ben? He had been behaving strangely; out of character for him? I was more confused about his outbursts: more than anything.


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