Dinner – One of many

Hope you’ve all had a good start to 2017.

The events that follow are either are a blessing in disguise or simply ‘a dinner’ or ‘a trip to the theatre’; with no hidden meaning.

The dinner was prompted by the usual text message from Ben asking if I was free on a weekend in September. When he got back to me with the date, I knew I had to talk to him face to face. So it was me who suggested we go for dinner and yes we ended up in our usual eatery.

Ben and I decided we were going to get mains followed by dessert. Once the food had been ordered, he explained that he had spare ticket for Phantom of Opera; as the person that was going to go, now could not. I queried the date and realised it was the same day as the speed dating event I was going to attend. So I explained why I couldn’t go and he asked why.

Well…this was going to be an interesting conversation.

So I explained that I was going to a speed-dating event that day, that my sister had organised for me. Ben raised an eyebrow and when I said in passing; there was one way he could get me out of it. He asked how? I replied that he could ask me out. He came out with his standard response, one of which I was quite used to; because I had heard it a few times in our conversations. His response was – ‘I’m not ready / looking for relationship, yet.’ This didn’t help me in the slightest.

The waiter who brought our food over, was also a friend of Ben’s; whom he asked if he wanted to go to the see Phantom. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Ben Looked forlorn and so I offered him a way out. Ben looked hopeful and I said I would go on one condition. That condition was that he asked my sister if he could borrow me for the afternoon. So he did. He text my sister, from which she called back.

My sister asked if I wanted to go and when I didn’t immediately reply, she asked if he was there. I said yes. She told me to ask Ben if I’d be back for 5pm as we were going to have dinner before heading to the venue. When I finished the phone call; Ben took my phone and text my sister saying he’d have me back in plenty of time. We finished our mains before ordering dessert.

What an evening it turned out to be…


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