Phantom …Speed Dating (Part 1)

It was the weekend I was spending with sister in London. She’d come up the night before and we drove down together. It was nice to have some sisterly time before the madness of the weekend began. Trust me, when I say madness – I mean who does goes to a musical with a friend in the day and then heads to speed dating in the evening?

Saturday morning came and I don’t know what I was more apprehensive about. The musical or the speed-dating. I’m a confident person, so that aspect wasn’t an issue. It was…I can’t find the words to describe what I was feeling. For those that know me that is very  unlike me. I can usually find the words or let people know what I’m feeling.

After a lazy morning, came the debacle of deciding what to wear. What is suitable for both a trip to the theatre and then speed-dating? One wants to look their best for their non-date followed by the date. I had brought my dark jeans with what you would say ‘Going out’ tops; a dress, heels (that I could walk in – a very important factor), perfume and make-up (that I very rarely wear). Everything else; straighteners, leather jacket and whatever else I’d forgotten, I could use my sisters.

As any girl will tell you, trying on the outfits is quite stressful. I tried many combinations and in the end went with the first one I tried – which was the dress. It was simple black dress with a flowery pattern. (Not a granny style dress – I don’t think my sister would let me leave the house, if it was.) Once the outfit was sorted, I put on make-up; checked my hair looked okay; sprayed myself with perfume and checked that I had bag ready with all my important things. (Phone, purse with money, lip balm, insulin) Once I was ready, I left to go and meet Ben, Luke and Devon. My sister was meeting me after the musical for dinner.

Being dressed up, I felt a little out of my comfort zone; but hopefully I didn’t let it show. Remember it was only the middle of the afternoon, had it been the evening it would have been a different matter. But hey, who am I to complain?

I caught the Tube into London and went straight to the theatre where I would be meeting Ben and the others. I received a few stares, as I suppose I was a little dressed up for the theatre. When had that been a crime? As usual I was waiting – no surprise there. Ben arrived with Devon not long after and they said Luke was on his way. I think I shocked Ben with the dress I was wearing, the leather jacket and the make up. And for once he was lost for words.

Retrieving the tickets from the Box Office we headed to our seats. They were split seats in the Balcony; so Luke and Devon would be sitting together, and Ben and I would be sitting in the row plus one behind. (Hope that makes sense) We sat chatting for a while before Devon went downstairs to wait for Luke; which left me alone with Ben. We chatted about this and that, before he decided he was going to see if he could change our seats. Why, he wanted to, I don’t know? As I’ve said before, I don’t know what goes on in his head. Well, other than the music and lyrics.

So once again, I was Billy no-mates. Sitting on my own; something I was quite used to. Not long after Luke and Devon arrived and asked where Ben had got to. I said he’s probably chatting to someone as he usually did. Eventually he turned up with a smile on his face. As soon as he sat down the usher came to us and said to Ben, “If you and your partner would like to follow me.”

The statement made me laugh and look on Ben’s face was priceless. Luke and Devon turned round in their seats and wondered what the commotion was. Ben stated that we were moving seats. We were moved to Circle. I asked Ben why and he just replied – just. Ben hummed through most of the songs. Even though I knew what was coming next, I enjoyed every minute. Soon enough it was time for the interval. When we caught up with Luke and Devon. They were enjoying it too. The boys engaged in conversation and I listened.

The 2nd half flew by and it was time to meet my sister. I felt a little awkward as I was there with Ben and then I was going speed-dating. The boys stayed with me until my sister arrived and then Ben and I made the introductions. Before I left, Ben hugged me and whispered, “Good Luck.” I didn’t reply as I didn’t know what to say. For once he left me speechless. It was the first time, I was unsure of where I stood with Ben. His actions and words told me different things. Maybe I was reading too much into them? I decided to put the thoughts out of my head and focus on my next event of the day – Speed dating in Mayfair. Well my sister and I had dinner plans first.

Let’s hope it brought me luck.


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