Phantom…Speed-Dating (Part 2)

After leaving Ben and the boys, my sister and I headed to TGI Fridays for dinner. I ate as much as I could before we left for the so-called highlight of the evening – Speed Dating. To be honest I was looking forward to it as it was another adventure but at the same time, I was a little dubious. The event was held in a prestigious bar in Mayfair.

I headed downstairs to register for the event; and found quite a few men than women. It was fairly early and it was still the unknown. The guy who was running the event was quite chatty. As I was on my own (my sister stayed upstairs with her friends in the bar), I stood by the side and was looking for any other woman who was on their own – to make friends with and have a giggle. Funnily enough there was. Sometimes you need a wing-man or in this case wing-woman.

I started talking to her and we became fast friends. Ally told me she was supposed to come with her friend; who then couldn’t, so she came alone. I told her I was alone and that my sister was upstairs. We got talking and we became fast friends. Finally the event was under way. The host told us women to find a table and it would be the men that moved from table to table. Ally and I found tables side by side. He then informed us that there were fewer men than women, which meant at two points of the evening you would not be chatting to a man. (Is there just a generally a shortage of men?)

If I’m truthfully honest; although I can’t say it about every speed-dating event. There are men and women who are usually only there for one thing; which is fine. But why are they there if that’s all they are after? I do know of people who have had success at these events, so it does work.

Anyway making small talk with about 12 guys (I think) was hard work. I met some interesting people who a) Liked to talk about themselves, b) asked really random questions such as what was your last date like? (Why do they want to know?) c) How come you don’t have a boyfriend? I wouldn’t have minded if the questions were genuine. But some of them just were not. I had a laugh with a couple of the guys about sport and the latest action / hero movies. But I couldn’t see things progressing any further with any of the potential men. Ally had a similar experience as did some of the girls we made friends with.

Soon the event came to an end and I was grateful for it. If I had explain to one more person what I did for living and why I enjoyed it. I was going to cry. Overall, it had been an exasperating evening and it hadn’t quite finished. Oh no you cry…the evening has another twist. Once the event ended and the downstairs became part of a club. It played music and the bar opened. Ally and I decided to go back upstairs and meet my sister and her friends.

Luckily my sister had a table as the bar was packed. We made small talk and had a few drinks before the men we left downstairs had made their way upstairs. My sister was trying to encourage us and go and talk to some of them. But both Ally and I were a little reluctant as we felt they weren’t right for us. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t actually know what I’m looking for but it definitly wasn’t what I was looking for that night. If there had been I wouldn’t be here, writing this blog.

Whilst we were sitting and chatting, a couple of the guys that we had no interest in, came over to talk to us. Ally and I weren’t rude but we could not get them to go away. Do men not understand? If we say no the first time (what ever the question) it means no. Even my sister and her friends couldn’t get rid of them. So Ally and I went to the bar for a very long time. Eventually the boys/men did decide to leave. When they did, we headed back and moved to a bigger table.

We stayed at the bar for while before we headed home. Ally and I exchanged numbers and planned to go out and to another speed dating event. To see if we would have better luck…


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