Not sure …Can’t remember…

I apologise for not writing an entry earlier; it has been a little hectic with work.

I have to say nothing much happened in this period, other than a few dinners here and there as well as few impromptu evenings. I know I shouldn’t start a sentence with because but I really need to for the next one. Because that’s what friends do, don’t they? If you’re at a loose end, they call or text and ask if you’re free to come over, go or do something because they want to or have a free ticket.

The reason I didn’t see much of Ben was because most of my weekends were taken up by visiting friends around the country or catching up with friends. Plus Ben was busy too with his music and drama. But we did somehow manage to meet up at least every week and have random text conversations.

One of our text conversations happened when I was down in Winchester. I was down for the Christmas market which is my yearly outing with a group of friends whom I have known for almost all of career. We sure know how to unwind and enjoy our time away from work. Well at least we think we do.

It was a bitterly cold December Saturday which didn’t help when we stopped for lunch and were seated by the door. We hadn’t quite got to the Christmas market yet. But let me tell you this much – it was freezing. We couldn’t quite warm up either, so walking around the market when we were chilled all the way through, was a new experience. Even when we got back to my friend’s house, we could not warm up. We had warm drinks to thaw out and then moved onto dinner.

While we were watching some TV, Ben text or did I text him, I can’t remember. Our text messages went along the lines of – what did are you up to? Where are you? What are you doing? He replied that he was at his friend’s house and that he was eating. I have to say the conversation wasn’t riveting as people might think. To be honest if someone was to analyse my relationship with Ben, they would say that we were or are in a relationship. Well we are but just as friends. But the way we are together, our texts would say otherwise. Our mutual friends say otherwise; however saying that people who know us; think we act like a married couple.

That was one weekend.

The following weekend, I was in Nottingham visiting another friend. She was interested in Ben’s background as she was too a dancer and had gone to dance school in London. As well as having worked in musicals in the West End. She asked me which school he had gone to and as I couldn’t remember; I text him to ask. Funnily enough he did reply as well as asking him what films he had worked on. He did text back and then informed me that he was at an Ice-Hockey game.

Who knew? I certainly didn’t. That was new information that I acquired. I agree with the statement that you learn something new everyday. It doesn’t have to be educational. It can be about the people closest to you.

I won’t leave it that long until my next entry.







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