Football …

I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a day late but it’s the thought that counts.

Getting back to the story. The weekend after Nottingham, I was at the football with my good friend Sophie. We were both mad core fans. I won’t tell you the team but I can tell you, my team is London-based and that weekend we were playing Swansea City. It was a game that Ben was meant to come to but due to his drama commitments he couldn’t. However, he was coming to the next game which was a week later. If only he had come to this game.

Sophie and I often go to matches together and have a great time regardless of the score line. Although we do want our team to win but this isn’t always the case even when you know they should. But that is football – a game of two halves.

This particular game against Swansea was buzzing from the moment it started. The atmosphere was electric and Sophie and I were sitting on the second row behind the goal and not far from the away supporters. They had a buzz of excitement and it showed or rather was heard through the chants and songs they were singing. Sophie got into banter with a few of the Swansea fans which was in good spirit and funny as we could laugh about it afterwards. Even the stewards at the game had a chuckle.

The game ended 3 – 2 to my team, thankfully; although it could have quite easily gone the other way. I just hoped the game the following week had this much going on, as this one. My team were or rather are known for somewhat trailing off the leaders and losing points, especially against teams they should have beaten.

Once the game ended we went for dinner in our usual tapas bar before we headed to Camden. Sophie and I went for drinks along the canal and into a few known establishments. At some point in the evening, Sophie text Ben – ‘Why are you ignoring me?’ I couldn’t believe she had done that, well I could. Only now I would have to explain to Ben who had text him. I left it as I didn’t want to text him to explain. Funny enough it prompted a response the next day.

He apologised for not replying and that he had been in the studio in Milton Keynes and asked if I was free for some dinner. Well, by dinner he meant McDonald’s because that was what he fancied. I tried to persuade Sophie to come along but she said she was busy. I agreed to a time and met him at the Milton Keynes theatre. I felt a little apprehensive as I knew I would have to explain and I was dreading that part. I know Ben and I are friends but I felt a little silly. Strange I know.

The dinner will be my next entry … enjoy this until then.




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