Take your time

Once again I apologise for not writing sooner. Work has been hectic and will continue to be until I break up for Easter. So I will try to get a weekly blog or two posted. No promises but I will certainly try.

I’ll start this entry with lyrics from a song by Sam Hunt. If you don’t know who he is; Sam Hunt is a country singer, formerly an American football player. He’s not what you expect. The tile of his song is ‘Take Your Time’ and the lines go like this…

‘And I don’t wanna steal your freedom,

I don’t wanna change your mind,

I don’t have to make you love me,

I just want to take your time.’

How adept? Maybe not the correct use of the word, but it does work.

After my friend had text Ben the night before; we were trying to make arrangements of where to meet. Ben had been working on music for a musical at the theatre so he said he’d meet me after for dinner. Remember dinner with Ben is not much of an extravagance but it’s the company and thought that counts. Anyway once we had decided on a time, Ben said to meet him at the theatre. Which I did.

When I got there, Ben said he fancied McDonald’s; which was fine as I had already said to him – I wasn’t fussed. A break from our usual eatery. I did ask Ben if he was a girl since he said he had a craving. Before we ordered, Ben’s mum rung to find out if he was going home for dinner and then proceeded to ask who he was with. His mum knows of me but has not met me. Not sure how long that was going to last.

Ending the conversation we went inside and Ben ordered a huge amount of food whilst I ordered a milkshake and an apple pie. I had already eaten my main meal before I left to meet Ben. He did comment about me not eating much but then again he always did. Over dinner we discussed general things, such as what are plans were for the next couple of weeks and weekends.

As I am writing this retrospectively some aspects such as the little details of our conversations have been forgotten or I am a little reluctant to write about what we discussed as it’s too personal. Not necessarily for me but for him. And if he ever found out that I have been writing about him; I think I would a lose a good friend forever and that he could never trust me. As far as I know he’s never been mad at me and yes we’ve had disagreements but he’s always been upfront and honest.

Anyway back to the matter at hand.

We ate our food and discussed our trip to the football which was happening the following weekend. Ben and I made plans that I would drive to his and we would catch the train into London and head to the stadium to watch my team play Middlesbrough. He was quite looking forward to the game as he had never been to a football game. Ben is more of a rugby and ice-hockey fan; which is fine by me. I’ve never been fussed on whether a guy has liked football or not; or even supported the same team.

Once we had finished, we headed back to our cars.

Until the game against Middlesbrough….




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