A footballing adventure…

I couldn’t find the appropriate song lyrics for this blog entry but there are for the next one. So sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotion and confusion between the sexes.

I was looking forward to this game a) because after the last game with Sophie, it was going to be another exciting game b) it was the first game I was taking a guy to that wasn’t related to me and c) It was also the start of the half term. When I was younger I had always said my best date would be a guy taking me to a football game. However, it didn’t happen until now. Well it wasn’t technically a date. In fact it wasn’t a date.

The day started with me heading to Ben’s as we would be taking the train from his into London. What normally takes me 45 minutes to get to his; took me almost two hours. I spent most of my morning sitting in traffic and calling Ben from my car (my car has my phone set up) and letting him know where I was. The reason for all this traffic was because of road works, road closures and tractors on the loose. By the time I got to his I have to say I was frazzled and dying to get out of the driver’s seat. I parked my car in his space and jumped into his car. It made a change from me driving.

I am normally a jeans kind of girl; well that day I was wearing a denim skirt along with my football shirt and red converse. And before you make a judgement about my outfit, I didn’t do it for Ben. The matter of fact was that my jeans were all dirty. Don’t ask how or why but they were. So I resorted to the next best thing.

Anyway, moving on – Ben drove us to the station. My knight in shining armour. (A story for later on) We saw the train on the platform and made a dash for it. Thankfully we made it on just as the doors were about to close. The train was busy but we managed to find seats. Ben had been quieter than usual on the drive and when we sat down. He said he was tired as it was the start of half term. That was fair enough. Somewhere along the journey; and somehow, Ben fell asleep. The lady next to me made a comment and I laughed as her husband had also fallen asleep.  I decided to take a photo – something I wouldn’t be letting Ben know about.

He woke up at some point and asked if I was ok. I said I was and then he somehow fell back to sleep. This time the lady beside me laughed and said ‘Men’. I couldn’t agree with her more. Our train eventually pulled up into London Marylebone and Ben woke up and was surprised we had arrived. We made our way to the tube and headed to the stadium. It was the first time ever I had been late to a game. It hadn’t kicked off yet but I knew as we got nearer, I knew we were cutting it fine.

Once we were in the stadium we found our seats and the game kicked off. The game was boring and Ben did say I could cheer and do what I normally do. His suggestion made me laugh as I don’t tend to cheer unless the ball is heading towards the goal (especially the other teams goal) and or that we have scored. I get frustrated like any fan and do occasionally swear but not if there are children present. The first half ended nil nil.

During half term some supporters behind us, starting asking Ben questions and instead of answering he sent them in my direction. It was quite funny as most people would think that the guy is the avid football fan. But in this case it wasn’t. There were couples on either side of us which made me laugh as it was actually quite ironic. Ben and I were anything but a couple.

The second half started and it was no better than the first. Ben did comment about my team not passing or shooting at an opportunity. I smiled as it was the PE coach / co-ordinator talking. Unfortunately the game ended with a nil nil draw. Not the best game by any means. Ben said he enjoyed the game and I said they played rubbish and could have played better; to which he agreed. He still said he had a great time. I wouldn’t agree but I wasn’t going to disillusion him. It was his first real game and I was glad that he had enjoyed it. It was just a shame it wasn’t a win for my team.

Next was dinner…


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