Dinner…Covent Garden…

After the game we headed for some dinner, take a moment to read the lyrics before, sitting back and reading. Enjoy.

The lyrics are taken from the Olly Murs song ‘Kiss Me’ which will make sense by the end this entry. For those that know me, you’ll know which entry this is. For those that don’t, let the words take you on a journey.

‘We got one chance and I want it badly
Do you feel like it’s going the right way?
Do you know what you’re doing inside me?
If you want that then bring that fire baby
Yeah you got me, I’m dreaming about it
If you like that then we can go round it
If you need that then tell me right now
Baby cause I wanna know.

If this is the last night
Baby let’s do this right, kiss me like you mean it.’

Well I didn’t think anything of the sort (in regards to the song) until the last part of the evening. And this is how it all started.

As I already mentioned – after the game we went for some dinner. I had already asked Ben if he minded Tapas and he said no. So I took him to the place where Sophie and I frequently visited. There were many reasons for this. Our last visit had been the previous week. Walking in a few of the waiters recognised me from the week they asked where we wanted to sit. Ben being Ben said he wanted to people watch so he choose the high seats by the window. I had my football shirt on and the head waiter who had come to take our order; asked who had won and what the game was like.

I didn’t give Ben a chance to answer since he had liked the game and as an avid football fan; the game we saw certainly wasn’t the greatest by any means. We ordered our food and I let Ben know that if he didn’t like the food there was a Nandos further down the road. I knew he wouldn’t be wanting that as the food at this Tapas restaurant is lovely and every time I have been: I have never been let down. Whilst we were waiting for our food to arrive Ben and I people watched. It wasn’t as if we didn’t have things to talk to about, we did but it was just something else to do.

Our food arrived and I was pretty sure one of the dishes Ben started to eat was one of mine. He didn’t believe me until the other dish he ordered arrived. Only then did he give me what was left of mine. That was fine by me as I don’t eat much any way. He was surprised that I ate as much as I did. (Which wasn’t a lot, but was more than usual). Once we had eaten we decided to head into London. This happens a lot with Ben. We start with an original plan of something to do or see which then escalates into something more than either of us intended.

Heading out of the restaurant we headed towards Angel. It was now dark but walking past the old style pubs along with the architecture made the walk feel a little romantic. Some how our conversations ended up on the topic of weddings. Don’t ask me why or how it just it. Even though Ben won’t admit it or if he ever will – he is quite a romantic and would like to get married one day. Me on the other hand, I would rather elope and then have a party afterwards. I think my statement shocked him as I’m quite an open book to things that I know I want. (Well not always)

Anyway, we walked to a bus stop and jumped on a bus that was supposedly heading somewhere central. We sat at the top and yes at the back of the bus. I felt like a teenager all over again. And before you ask, no he didn’t try to kiss me. The bus however, decided it was going no further than Euston station (I’m pretty sure that’s where we were) I could be wrong. So we decided to get to the tube to where ever we were heading.Walking to the tube they had a poster of the new musical Aladdin. Well it was new then. At that point, I said or rather stated “The best line in Aladdin is … Do you trust me?” Ben decided to play along and said the next line until he starts to sing the song ‘A Whole New World’. At that moment an older couple walk past and smile as they do. Little did they know.

We ended up in Convent Garden and Ben was trying to find a cupcake bakery he wanted to show me. We walked around for a while and still couldn’t find it and therefore ended up in one of those sweet / chocolate shops. I ended up buying a white chocolate snickers and Ben bought M&Ms. The sugar rush didn’t last long and we went to Tesco’s which was a mere 150 feet away from the sweet shop. I bought some cookies as I needed something sustainable and Ben wanted something healthy. He tends to do this when he’s had sweets.

Retrieving our items we headed towards Covent Garden where we wondered around listening to the musicians that were playing. Ben and I stopped to listen to a girl who was singing. She had a great voice. Amongst the street artists there were also clowns who were cycling or juggling. We walked past them and somehow ended up by Seven Dials – where Matilda was.

I have to admit I like it around Seven Dials. We walked around for a while and I noticed that Ben had once again become quite quiet. I asked him if he was ok. He said he was. So I left it at that. I honestly had no idea what was going through his mind. Ben is hard to read at the best of times and even then I can’t. He is very much a closed book. Saying that he does let me have little parts like crumbs. If that’s all he’s giving – I’ll be honest; I’ll take what ever he gives.

Eventually tiredness took over and Ben and I decided to head back. I still had to drive back home from his. We headed back to the Marylebone station and before heading to the train Ben said he was thirsty so we went into M&S. I can’t remember the comment Ben made as we made our way to the train but I did push him against the notice board. It made him laugh and then in usual Ben style he noticed a guy who had the same jeans as him. Very typical of Ben. He does notice the most random things at the most random of times, places such as escalators, train stations.

Boarding the train Ben decided he was tired and lay across all three seats whilst I sat opposite him. A mum and her two girls, I say girls they were teenagers were watching us with great interest. I don’t know why. Ben and I were just talking and the mum noticed that I was wearing a football shirt. She asked if it was a good game to which Ben and I replied at the same time. He said yes and I said no. She laughed. We got talking and found out that they had been to a Little Mix signing. The conversation flowed until we arrived at our stop.

I followed Ben to where he had parked his car. We carried on our conversation which again was very random. One thing you have to understand is that our conversations whether it be talking or texting are just as the word states – random. There is no rhyme or reason for half the things Ben and I discuss. But they have some way of revealing who we really are. No matter how you try to disguise it. The journey back to Ben’s house was about thirty minutes and as we pulled up onto his road…I started looking for my keys.

The reason I began looking was because Ben had said I’ll park in your space. I was parked in his usual space – outside of his house. As he pulled up behind my car, I hadn’t noticed that he was facing me. That wasn’t unusual. I eventually found my keys which then proceeded to fall to the floor. I looked up and Ben was watching me intently. At that moment I didn’t think anything of it, as I leant forward to pick up my keys. By then the moment had passed. Whatever moment it might have been? Who knows?

I undid my seatbelt and got out of the car in my usual cheery self. As I pulled away in my car he parked in his usual spot. I turned the car around opened my window as I went past his car. We both said see ya – our usual response.

When I got home, I text Ben to say thanks for a great day and that I had got home and was pleasantly surprised when he replied.

Until the next time….



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