Impromptu Outing

Well.. it started with a few texts about meeting up for dinner sometime in the week. (Doesn’t it always) I’d stayed later at work to get bits and pieces completed as you do. And was certainly surprised to receive a call from Ben as I was just about to start getting dinner ready. So in some ways you could say he called just in time. There was some school competition at the theatre that he wanted to see and was I free. I explained it would take me an hour to get there as it was now 6pm and rush hour. He said that was fine. I then mentioned I had to get changed and he said come as you are. I laughed at his statement. Simply because I was wearing jogging bottoms and a loose t-shirt. Not exactly what you would wear when meeting a friend. He said he was in his work clothes so it didn’t matter. Even though I am a tomboy and don’t care what I wear at home; going out is a different matter, plus on top of that deep down, I am girl. Not that should matter.

So I ran upstairs and found my usual attire of skinny jeans, jumper and boots. I don’t bother with make up so I wasn’t worried about that. Tied my hair back, grabbed my bag and headed out. This took about 5minutes overall.

As predicted I did get stuck in traffic but in all in I made it in an hour (and no I wasn’t speeding) parked the car and called Ben. I told him where I was and then let him know I had no change for parking. My prince coming to the rescue….indeed he did. Ben met me and told me to get the tickets while he got my car-parking ticket. Then met me inside. We took our seats just as the show started.

There were a range of secondary (high schools) and primary schools taking part in the event. Ben’s school were in the show the following night and he wanted to check out the competition. That was his reasoning for being there. During the interval, Ben made friends with the lady next to us. Nothing unusual there. Before we knew it the second half had started. There were good acts and there were some not so good acts but who was I to judge?

Once the show finished we went to grab some dinner. Yes, you’ve guessed it; we went to our favourite eatery. Nandos. Heading to the restaurant, I noticed Ben wasn’t wearing his school uniform. Well what he wore to school. His response – I went to River Island and bought an outfit. I think I stopped walking. In fact I am pretty sure I did.

Did he buy an outfit especially for me? Why did he tell me to come in what I was wearing? Why did he make an effort?

I had too many questions floating around in my head but none of them, made it out of my mouth. Call me a chicken, call me what you like but I wasn’t ready to have that conversation with him.

Once in Nandos we ordered food and carried on our conversation about life. However, he did comment on the couples in the restaurant and I did want to ask ‘What are we?’ But once again refrained from doing so. I don’t know what stopped me … my pride? My integrity? Our friendship? Or was it simply that I didn’t want to find out. Once our food arrived we ate.

We left pretty soon after that as it was too late to go for dessert. So we headed our separate ways.


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