Friendship…? Questionable…

I apologise for not writing sooner – well I had written but I didn’t have time to complete my post. But alas, the craziness has calmed although not completely gone. I will endeavor to write promptly and not leave it so long between the posts.

I will start with lyrics from Justin Timberlake’s My Love. He’s written it from his point of view so I’ve changed it to fit the blog. Yeah, yeah I know it sounds  and reads as a clique but the lyrics express the thoughts and ideas.

My Love

‘If I wrote you a symphony,
Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do?)
If I told you, you were beautiful
Would you date me on the regular (tell me, would you?)
Well, baby I’ve been around the world
But I ain’t seen myself with another guy (like you)’

Obviously, the word girl has been substituted by guy and I kept in beautiful as I couldn’t find another adjective to fit. If you know of one and think it reads better please let me know.

Getting back to the next outing or rather day out; which was in fact meeting up with Lara and Abi as well as meeting their new additions. I was still in bed, (considering it was only 8am) although not asleep; when Ben text asking if I could meet him at 11am instead of 1pm. He wanted to go into town to carry out some errands and asked if I would go with him. As I didn’t have anything to do until I met him, I said yes. Once confirmed, he asked me to meet him at the local high school where he held his drama class.

Time then flew and eventually I left to meet Ben. As previously mentioned, I was wearing my usual attire – jeans, boots (simply because they were easier than converse) and a jumper (not quite a tight-fitting one either). I made my way to the high school and text Ben to let him know I had arrived. He rang back and said he’d be out in five minutes – in which time an old friend called and I was on the phone when he arrived.

I cut my phone call short as what my friend and I were discussing was certainly not for Ben’s ears. Ben did say I could continue but I just replied that my friend and I would catch up another day. And before you start thinking – no we weren’t discussing Ben. Not everything revolves around him.

He asked me to drive into town and park in the one of the retail sites car parks. As we headed into town we saw a couple of people he still and I used to work with; we waved back and continued our way into town. The first stop was the bank – not as exciting as it sounds. He was trying to put money into his account which was proving to be difficult. As well as expecting money from  an acting job; which eventually did go through. Once the matter was sorted we headed for some lunch at Greggs (bakery) as we were heading to friends for a late lunch.

Once lunch had been consumed we headed to Sports Direct as Ben was after trainers. Shopping with guys is hilarious. Let’s put it this way Ben took a lot longer than I do when buying trainers. When I buy trainers or shoes, I know what I’m looking for and once I see them, I get them. It’s the same with clothes. My friends say I’m a terrible influence as I am the one that whispers in their ears – ‘Buy me, buy me’ and guess what, they do. I however, unless I need something or want something have a little more restraint. Well, at least I think I do. Ben finally decided which trainers he was going to get, went to pay. We then headed to the supermarket to get some food for the afternoon.

Heading back to the car, I received a text letting us know that Lara had arrived and we could head over. Ben said before we go, he needed to pick up something from home. I let the girls know that we were making a pit stop and we would be there shortly. Arriving at Ben’s house I dropped him off and went to turn the car around. His mum was at the door and she waved at me as Ben came back out. I asked if his mum was ok and he replied yes and that his aunt and cousins were coming round later.

Ben got us lost when driving to Abi’s house and I let him know that if he had listened to me, we wouldn’t have gotten lost. Sometimes there is no telling a man. I know most people say as the driver, but Ben was giving me directions and I didn’t know the way until we got the estate where Abi lived.

Annoyingly, it had started to rain and we ran to Abi’s front door, which Abi had in fact opened as she seen us pull up. Saying our hellos we headed into the kitchen and got some of the food ready as we seemed to be a little peckish. Abi’s little man was awake where as Lara’s little boy was still asleep. Abi’s 3-year-old daughter kept us amused playing in her kitchen while Ben and I got to old her younger brother. He was so cute and wanted to know everything that was going on. He did get passed around but loved the attention. Lara’s little girl didn’t come as she had become poorly that morning and Lara didn’t want to cancel.

We made conversation about what was going on their school and what I was up to. It was great to catch up. Soon we retired into the lounge and played the children and chatted. I know that Lara knew Ben and I were nothing more than just friends. But I wasn’t so sure about Abi as I hadn’t had the chance to fill her in. I’m assuming may be Lara had. But as we were never alone I never found the chance. It didn’t matter anyway as Ben told Lara and Abi, that he was single. And they both turned to face me to see how I reacted. I didn’t say, do or deny anything.

The afternoon soon drew to a close and Lara left leaving Ben and I. We didn’t stay for that much longer. Saying our goodbyes, I dropped Ben home and went on my way home.

It had been a long day with mixed messages and who knows what else? But overall, I enjoyed the company with friends. Isn’t that the best kind?


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