Another dinner and the answer – no…

There aren’t any particular song lyrics to go with this entry. But if you find any that you think fit please comment and I’ll add them to the beginning of the blog. Hope you’ve had a great weekend and I hope this weather continues.

Moving on with the story. (I am on holiday from some point this week and I will hope to have quite a few posts up as I’m writing a lot in retrospect and can’t always remember the finer details of the event as they perhaps weren’t as significant.)

As usual our dinner nights start with a text either the night before the following morning of the day of the event. Unpredictable is sometimes just what is needed at the end of the long work day. We both work in schools so the pressure is always there. This particular dinner was because of the previous outing when I picked him up, he had left a child’s jacket in my car (the child had gone to Ben’s drama class) so I was returning the said item.

And again as usual I picked him up from outside school. We headed into town (I don’t think we went to Nando’s this time) in fact I can’t actually remember where we had dinner. The event was uneventful compared to the previous few that I don’t even know why I am writing about it.

The reason most likely is because Ben and I don’t meet up for the next three weeks. Three weeks, I hear you say. Yes it is true. However, I did say no to the next time he suggested to meet up. Not because I was playing games; I wasn’t. I was in fact out for my Christmas Do. Bearing in mind my Christmas Do was on the 2nd of December (Friday). Ben asked me to go shopping with him as he needed an outfit for his work outing that very same evening.

Isn’t that what girlfriend’s do or guy friends do? I am neither. I am a girl and I am his friend and that is as far as it goes. So my response to his text and phone call which I received; was no. He couldn’t understand why I said no. Well, he probably could but didn’t like it. That wasn’t my problem. That was his. I had other things to attend to and he wasn’t part of it.

So what had changed?

Am I his security blanket? Am I more than just a friend? Am I just there at his beck and call? I would like to think not and more often than not, I don’t meet him. But we are friends and isn’t this what friends do? Meet up? Go out for dinner? Catch up? Shopping with a guy who isn’t your brother and boyfriend – is a little out there. Who said anything about being conventional? To be honest when and what relationships are conventional? What is meant by conventional?

I’ll leave it there as the next entry is unexpected…




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