Busted …

So I will begin by saying – no it has nothing to do with the musical band… Busted. In fact it is the verb.

Once again, Ben had suggested dinner (I think it was him) and asked if he could be picked up from school. I said that was fine, when was it never fine? I had left my school just before half four (to avoid rush hour) but it still took me an hour to get to Ben’s school. When I arrived I text to let him know I was outside. Instead of replying he called informing me that he was still waiting for a child to be collected. I told him I’d still be waiting so not to worry. In the meantime, our mutual friend – Darren had driven out of the school. I tried to look busy in my car, whether that worked or not – who knows. Less than 10 minutes Darren came back and I felt myself slink further down in my seat. Call it childish but I didn’t want him to see me. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t.

A few minutes later, yes, I was still waiting for Ben; I saw a figure walking out of the school and down the road. It looked familiar. I took the chance to call out ‘Nick’. The figure turned round and funnily enough it was Nick. He came over and gave me a hug and asked what I was doing there. So I explained and said that I was meeting Ben for dinner. Nick gave me a look and then I changed the topic of conversation. I have always said that Ben and I are friends but people we know say differently.

To this day I still I have no idea.

Before we could continue the conversation, our mutual friend Amy drive by. She stopped having seen Nick and I standing in the road. Amy asked the same question Nick did about why I was there. Before I got a chance to answer, Nick answered for me. He then went onto ask why she was there. Amy replied that she had come to collect her husband Matt. He joined us a few minutes later and asked the same question as Nick and Amy had.

I think Ben and I were becoming a – Will they, won’t they couple.

After catching up we all went our separate ways and I asked Nick to join Ben and myself for dinner. He explained he had other plans and that we would catch up later. It was good to have caught up with them all. Nick left and I went back to the car.

A few minutes later Ben got into the car. Instead of the usual casual banter, he seemed aggrieved at something or someone. When he finally calmed down, I asked if he was ok. His reply was ‘Darren saw you’. I didn’t understand then and still don’t why that bothered him so much. My response was what you would call a classic – ‘Well, I got busted by Nick, Amy and Matt.’ That didn’t go down well so I then followed up by saying ‘What have we got to hide?’ I think I then changed the conversation and acted like it wasn’t a big thing. Which to be honest, it wasn’t. But what I couldn’t and still can’t understand, is why he was bothered by what Darren said. I know they are good friends.

When he finally got over what was bothering him, we headed to get some dinner. And no, it wasn’t our usual eatery. In fact I can’t remember where we went for food. The lead up to the dinner was more eventful and full of surprises than the actual dinner itself.

Well, this led up to our next outing…which was the Panto as it was coming up to Christmas.


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