January came and went

What can I say …

Lyrics taken from Craig David’s – Rendezvous‘ 

Six o’clock in the morning wipe the sleep from my eyes (yeah)
Felt just like an ordinary day
Just around the corner, such a surprise, a beautiful angel materialised
Time stood still face to face
I’m sure we’d met in another time and place (met in another time and

These lyrics have no bearing to today’s entry other than the fact the title fits the entry.

After New Year’s Eve, Ben and I did text but we actually didn’t meet up until, the end of January. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to; it simply was because we were both busy after work and at the weekends. When we finally did catch up it was late January.

It started off with the obligatory texts:

‘We haven’t caught up in a while. Shall we catch up for dinner?’

I replied with the usual – ‘Yes, when and where?’

The replies ended with me saying I would pick him up. Don’t get me wrong; Ben did drive but as I was already driving to him, it made sense. On the plus side Ben always paid for parking. He did it without asking. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t much but actually to me; it meant the world. (In the sense of gestures and nice things that people do for each other.)

As I’m writing this retrospect; I can’t remember where we went for dinner. We must have had a good time catching up; if we didn’t then…In actual fact I don’t think we’ve ever had a not so great time out. Well yet anyway.

I’ll leave it here as there isn’t much to tell.

(Sorry for the short entry)


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