A chance encounter

Obvious by Westlife (Yes – that is written correctly.)

We started as friends
But something happened inside me
Now I’m reading into everything
But there’s no sign you hear the lightning, baby

You don’t ever notice me
Turning on my charm
Or wonder why I’m always where you are

I’ve made it obvious
I’ve done everything but say it
(I’ve crushed on ya so long, but on and on you get me wrong)
I’m not so good with words
Since you never noticed
The way that we belong
I’ll say it in a love song

That’s not the whole song but it starts here…the rest of the lyrics will appear shortly.

Well, they say writers, bloggers etc make mistakes. We are human after all. This blog entry started on the Friday when I was at the pub (where I am most Fridays); even though I don’t drink. I go for the company and the social side. I was originally meant to be meeting with an old friend – Ava. We had known each since university. But at the last-minute (about 6pm on the Friday) she text me, saying she had been called into work and that she would have to cancel our catch up on Saturday. I text back saying that was fine, as there was nothing I could I do.

During this time, Ben had been trying to arrange a catch up and had let me know that he had a few hour free in the afternoon. I had originally explained to him that I would be in London and wouldn’t be able to catch up. Before the text from Ava we had decided to leave it and catch up another time. My friends at the pub were having a great time watching me with my drama unfolding. I had just finished text Ben saying we would catch up soon when Ava’s text came letting me know she couldn’t make tomorrow. I then text Ben back saying I could meet and when and where did he want to meet. My friends were now in hysterics and at the same time telling me to tell Ben why I could suddenly meet him. I explained to them that there was no point as Ben wouldn’t register the change. And if he did I would tell him tomorrow.

With that settled…I went back to enjoying my friends’ company in our local public house.

My original plan was to meet Ben and his friend at the local theatre. But he and his friend Chris said to meet them in the Subway which is / was across from the theatre. Walking to the Subway I saw Ben and another guy who I assumed was Chris. We said our hellos and I made the comment of ‘At least it makes a change from Nando’s.’ Ben raised his eyebrows at me and poor Chris didn’t know where to look. This was the first time I had met Chris. I had known about him just like he had known about me. I think Ben had forgotten that we hadn’t actually met.

As this was just a meet up / catch up, I was wearing skinny jeans, boots and a boyfriend checked shirt. Only for Ben to pipe up and say I looked nice and that he liked my shirt. I thought the comment was out of character for him. I thanked him for the comment, what else could I have done? We were upstairs eating our subways; the boys got a foot long and well I had half and didn’t even manage to finish that. Ben wasn’t surprised and made a joke where as Chris wasn’t sure what to expect. So I explained and said I don’t eat much and Ben contributed to the conversation. Was I not capable of talking?

I might have forgotten to add that I couldn’t get over how attractive Chris was. He was a little taller than Ben, had the blonde-browny hair, couldn’t tell his eye colour, broad shoulders and had the whole Superman / Clark Kent thing going on. I wasn’t ready to admit that to him just yet. But if you know me you know what’s coming up. Anyway once we had finished eating, Chris asked us what we were up to and funnily enough Ben answered.

Ben and I were going to the cinema to watch ‘Sing’. We said our byes to Chris and headed off to the cinema. We went in my car as the cinema was by the football ground. As we walked to my car Ben mentioned he was meeting Nick, Darren, Matt and a few others for a leaving do and asked if I wanted to go. He said he would check with Nick first to see if he was still going; which he did. We were in the cinema when he replied. Once the movie finished Ben said that Nick wasn’t going (as he wasn’t well) and that he hadn’t heard from anyone else so assumed it wasn’t going ahead.

Ben then asked if I wanted to go to the theatre, near to where he lives. He looked online and managed to get us tickets and so we were heading back to his for a show. Cinema and a theatre show in one day – who said it couldn’t be done? By now it had started to rain as we went back to get Ben’s car as that was still parked in the car park. I followed him home. It was definitely an experience.

The show we saw was ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’ and I have to say it was good. All about unrequited love…the irony of it all. A great way to start my birthday week.


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