February…Birthday Part 2

Let’s just say the day got even more confusing.

Lyrics taken from Blake Shelton ‘Gonna’. It makes sense once you’ve read the whole entry.

Hey, hey (Hey, hey)
Alright (alright)
Girl I’m diggin’ on hittin’ on you tonight
It ain’t a maybe, it’s hopin’
I’m wishin’ I wanna
It’s a damn right
Hold you tight, baby I’m gonna

So what’s it gonna take?
What’s it gonna be?
We can pump it on the boulevard
Or kick it in the country
Me and you, you and me,
Money back, guaranteed
Love you every night in Daytona, I’m gonna

As in my previous Birthday entry – I said we ended up in a bar in Southbank. This was agreed by all of us (and by us – I mean the girls, my friends). The sun was out what more could you ask for? We eventually found a table to accommodate us and various members of the group decided to go and buy the drinks. I asked Ben to get me some water. I wasn’t in the mood for anything else not even a soft drink or a fruit juice. He obliged. I only asked him because he was the last one to leave the table.

It wasn’t long before they were all back at the table with drinks and conversations began. His friend Sam could talk for England and was asking how I knew Ben. So I explained that I worked with a few years and we kept in touch. Sam raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I wondered what that meant. I would find later (not in this entry) what that look meant or rather suggested. Sam told us what he did for a living and how we (meaning the girls) knew each other. One of us explained we had been friends for years as we had once all worked at the same school. More alcohol was consumed; that’s what grown adults do when out and about. I didn’t add to my water. I was just enjoying my time with my friends and it was chilled and relaxing. So nothing could spoil my mood not even Sam.

We’d been by the river a few hours when we decided to head back to a bar for happy hour; where the cocktails were two for one. Ben asked me if everyone was ok walking to the bar and I assured him they were. I had asked my friends and not made the presumption that they would automatically say yes. We followed Ben and Sam chatting along the way. Being boys (men – do they ever grow up?) they walked quite a bit faster than us girls. Ben, did however, keep turning back to check and at one point even stopped and chatted.

By the time we reached the bar in Covent Garden, Cara had decided to head back home. We all had, had busy weeks and could sympathise that she wanted to go home. Lexi, Sophie and I decided to stay and followed the boys to the bar.

One word for the bar – PACKED! It was a Saturday! How we managed to find a table was anyones guess. Well, actually Ben was on the case as he could sweet talk anyone to get what he wanted. Guess what? He did find a table by chatting to some girls. Was I jealous? No – the boy can chat up whoever he wants. The table had part of a booth so I sat down with our bags and coats; whilst Sam and Ben went to get drinks and Sophie and Lexi stayed and went when they boys came back. So I wasn’t on my own. Not that it mattered.

When the boys came back with their drinks, Ben sat next to me on the booth. That was fine – and Sam sat on the stool; eying up the women in the bar. Clearly there was only one thing on his mind. Sophie and Lexi eventually came back with their drinks – they’d been at the bar a while. However, I was still drinking the two non-alcoholic cocktails I ordered when we first got there.

The girls decided to stand and dance to the music whilst I stayed seated on the booth with Ben singing along to whatever song was playing. I have to be honest; I can’t actually remember a lot of our conversations. Saying that I was telling him that Lexi was getting married in May and we were all going. We – as in all of us girlfriends. Ben then asked if he could be my plus one. My answer was a straight no. Not because I didn’t want him to be my plus one but because there were no plus ones coming. It was a small wedding. I can’t remember if I explained why – the thought was in my head; but when you are caught off guard (and I was) your mind goes blank. Well mine did.

I did chat to Lexi and Sophie as well, so don’t think I was ignoring them and I did get into a few conversations with Sam. Let’s just say he and I would never get on as bosom buddies and that’s a very hard thing to do as I get on with everyone. That’s what I have been told. At some point Ben started saying he was hungry and the girls agreed they were too. So we deciding what to do and where to go. We finally decided to stay for another half and hour before going to get some food. Sam was the only one not interested in going for food.

Ben and I ended up sitting back on the booth and he had moved closer to me than he had been all day. In fact, he had been close and touchy and feely with me all day – something he is usually not. It’s usually me that is and Ben just accepts it. Don’t get me wrong – I liked the attention he was giving me, but what did it mean? As I’ve written before talk about mixed messages. He was closer than ever – I don’t know if it was him or the alcohol to be honest. One minute we were singing along to the song and the next I know his lips were very close to mine …

Well, I just happened to catch Sophie’s facial reaction which made me turn my face. And that moment was lost.

If he had gone in for a kiss he would have had my cheek instead of lips. I asked if she was ok. It was only thing I could do. He moved back a fraction but was still very close. The chemistry was still there. It had been there for a while only Ben can’t see it; where as everyone else can. We continued to sing along to song for another 10 minutes or so before Sophie, Lexi and I decided to go and get some food. I told Ben what we were planning and he said to let him know where we were and he and Sam would catch us in ten minutes.

We left the boys and headed out to find some food. Once outside, Lexi decided she was going to head on home. Sophie and I said our goodbyes and we headed to our favourite tapas restaurant for dinner. I text and rang Ben to let him know but he didn’t pick up his phone or text back. It was only when we got to the tube station did he ring back and said he was heading back home and he had left Sam in the bar. I told him we were going to grab dinner and he was welcome to join Sophie and I . He declined. That was fine with me. Before we hung up, I remembered I had his glasses. Ben said he’d catch me sometime in the week to get them back.

Hanging up, Sophie and I headed to our favourite tapas restaurant. Our team had been playing in the FA Cup final and had won. So the restaurant was filled with quite a few supporters. The waiters remembered us and asked if we had been to the game. Both Sophie and I laughed as our outfits were not appropriate for the football.

At some point during dinner Sophie suggested I text Ben to say thanks for coming and hope he had a good time. Which I did and he replied that it was nice to meet my friends and I responded with that they liked him too. What made it weird was that – that’s a very girlfriend / boyfriend thing to do. Not a friend thing. (Sorry for using the word thing a few times)

Sophie and I got home a lot later than we planned…



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