You will laugh when I explain where the lyrics are taken from. I know you’re quite used to seeing lyrics from songs you’ve heard on the radio or artists that I like. This time they are taken from a musical. (Shock! Horror! – I hear you cry.)

Aladdin – Proud Of Your Boy

Proud of your boy
I’ll make you proud of your boy
Believe me, bad as I’ve been, Ma
You’re in for a pleasant surprise

The last line is the most the meaningful as our next adventure (non-date) took us to dinner and a movie. No surprise there then. Well, there was as Ben actually agreed to go and see the movie – Logan. I am sure I have written it before that Ben is not a Marvel, DC or even Action movie kind of guy. Saying that, he has seen quite a few of them.

I can’t actually remember whether we agreed to meet up or if he or I text to see if the other was free. It was good to catch up either way. We had dinner at another eatery before going to watch our movie. I don’t know we decided to that but we did. That’s what happens sometimes with Ben and I . As I stated before, I’m quite easy-going (unless I really don’t want to do something. In which case I won’t do it.)  and to a point so is he. So him coming to watch Logan with me was a big deal as before he had always tried to go and see something else or tried to persuade me otherwise.

I had pre-warned him that Logan was quite gory and Ben said he didn’t mind. He couldn’t say I didn’t warn him. At the cinema we found our seats and settled down for the film.

There a were a few questions he asked about the movie but other than that, I think he actually enjoyed it, not that he ever confirmed or denied it. But he did say it was good and agreed it was more gory than he thought it would be. That made the two of us. It was a good ending for the X-Men character.

After the movie we drove back to his and spent the next hour or more; of a work day (might I add) chatting in my car. I can’t remember the exact topic conversations but we chatted about this and that. Well, what I mean is that we discussed work (in our case school) both his and mine. He told me about the changes happening at his and I told him about mine. The topic then moved onto the next career path move and what he and I wanted to do.

Nothing terribly exciting.

But we sat in my car and chatted for over an hour, it was only when it was nearing half eleven that I said I had to get back. Ben looked shocked and said he hadn’t realised the time; I said the same thing.

Before you ask – no he did not lean into kiss me or anything of the sort. That ship as far as I know has currently sailed or he wasn’t going to try the third time and get thwarted again. Whether our ships have sailed, it is yet to be decided.

The reason behind the lyrics (I forgot to mention) was because Ben had gone to do something or rather see something he wouldn’t normally go to watch. I thought that was an accomplishment. Doing something that you wouldn’t do is a great achievement as well as being no mean feat.

The next entry is an impromptu outing to the cinema.


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