Mother’s Day

I apologise for not writing this entry sooner…the 2nd part of the summer term is chaotic; I’d say more so than the autumn term. Which is where you are getting to know the children and see where they are at; after having six weeks off.

Anyway the lyrics for this entry are taken from Bruno Mars – Talking to the Moon. (Just some lines)

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away….

Talking to the moon
Trying to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Or am I a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon?

Before you say and question that it’s Mother’s Day, why on earth, are you out with Ben, who isn’t even your boyfriend?

It starts with Ben asking me to come out with him and to be honest I was a little reluctant as I normally spend the day with my mum. Even if we don’t do anything. She was happy for me to go out as we spent the day together and I was supposedly going out in the evening. The plans were still not concrete and I said that I would meet Ben and his friend Adam in London.


The funny part is that although it takes me longer to get there, I got to London before they did. And I can’t even remember where we ended up meeting. I do remember, however, where we went. To our favourite bar in Covent Garden. For a Sunday it was very empty – I knew it was Mother’s Day but I think the boys had forgotten that little fact. They were a little disappointed with the lack of people in the bar. I have to say they might have been the only men for a while. The bar actually had quite a few women. There may have even been a few couples loitering.


Cocktails were buy one, get one free as it was Happy Hour. As usual I got two drinks which lasted the whole evening. I can’t remember what the boys got. We all had work so it wasn’t as if we were on a drinking night out. We were chatting at our table when some girls (they were quite a bit younger than us and we are not that old) sat down next to us. Ben being Ben started a conversation with them. I think they were deciding whether to flirt with him or not. As the next question they asked was – “Are you two together?”


I have to say Ben jumped in first and said no we’re just friends – pointing to the three of us. I wasn’t jealous or annoyed at the fact that he had answered. I mean what else could I have said? He acts like my boyfriend when he wants to? Not the kind of answer you say to random people you hardly know. Girls who don’t know the history. Not that there was any history to be honest.


So while Ben was chatting away, Adam and I began talking about this, that and the other. Ben did cast his eye a couple of times our way but didn’t say a word. Whether he was annoyed or not; I have no idea. And to be honest, I didn’t really care. The fact that I can talk to whomever and whoever I like, is my decision not his. I wasn’t being unfair to him. I had never once said or shown in my friendship with Ben that I was jealous or that I didn’t want him talking to girls. Sometimes I think that annoys him – when girls try to chat him up or decipher whether we are a couple or not. But as I have said before – I’m not the jealous type of girl.


Anyway, from the conversations with the girls Ben was quite happy getting the attention. Before they went on their way to the Craig David concert, they made friends with a mother and daughter (who were a little worse for wear). Ben even made friends with them and had his photo taken – which Adam took. I came up with a great idea and filled Adam in. He thought it would serve Ben right. Adam had an evil streak, which I think made Ben a little wary. Eventually the girls left to go to their concert and it was just the three of us left.


After the drinks we headed out for a walk along Westminster Bridge where there had been an incident earlier on in the week. It felt surreal and sad walking along the bridge opposite the Houses of Parliament. A humbling experience – reminding us that life is short and we should take the chances when we can; as we don’t know what tomorrow brings. (Not sure if that is a quote or whether I’ve made it up somewhere along the way)


Once we had made that trip we headed home…our separate ways.



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