Ben’s Birthday Part 1

The lyrics for this entry are taken from Meghan Trainor song Title. I think you’ll find that they are once again aptly chosen.

I know you think I’m cool
But I ain’t one of the boys….
No, don’t be scared that I’m gonna tie you down
I need a little more
Baby, don’t call me your friend
If I hear that word again…
If you don’t want me seeking other guys
Well, here’s what you need to know
Baby, don’t call me your friend
If I hear that word again…


Well to be honest it was almost the Easter holidays. It had most definitely been one of the most chaotic weeks leading up to the break. I was pretty much out every night until we broke up the following Tuesday. Why my establishment had the two extra days, I’ll never understand?

The week up to the Ben’s birthday festivities started with a meeting on Wednesday which was followed up with a dinner …with guess who? Yes you got it in one. Ben. By the time I got to his it had gone 6pm. My meeting finished later than intended. The following day I had Maths meeting (which wasn’t that exciting) followed by another meal out but this time it was with old work colleagues. It had been a while and I was eternally grateful to have the mid-week catch up. Then on the Friday, my siblings and I, took my mother out for her birthday. A girly evening out.

Funnily enough it was on the Friday that Ben decided to text me to confirm the times for the Saturday. Originally he had wanted to go shopping before heading into London for his birthday. That was fair enough it was his birthday and that’s what he had decided.  I was meeting him at 10am to go shopping as he needed an outfit. Fair enough…but then again he’s more of a girl than I am. I had asked him the previous week what I should wear – jeans or a dress. Want to know what the boy went for?

A dress.

Who knew?

Anyway moving on, arriving back home after a night out with my mum and sisters; Ben decided to call me. This wasn’t unusual but it was almost 10pm on a Friday night. Way past Ben’s bedtime. Well, that did depend if he was out or not. I answered wondering if he was going to cancel his plans. He didn’t cancel his plans but he did change them to meeting him later. To be honest I was actually that fussed as it gave me a little longer in bed. And after the week I had it was well deserved. Instead of meeting him at 10am I was meeting him at 1pm.

Saturday came around way too quickly for my liking. Ben had broken up for Easter on the Friday so he was ready to party and I unfortunately had work for another two days after the weekend.

I arrived at Ben’s at the agreed time – 1pm; parked my car and got into Ben’s. I know what a shocker! Ben driving. In the car he said he needed to get his hair cut at the barbers and was meant to go this morning but didn’t get up in time. So he was going to go now that I was here.

Weird…I know.

We got to the barbers and there was…you guessed it, a bit of a wait. Thankfully it was a sunny day. I think it took over an hour at the barbers for Ben to get a hair cut. Boys and hair, I will never understand. The wait was even funnier as people assumed we were a couple. And for the first time ever, I did feel like screaming. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was frustrated; maybe I was fed up of people assuming. But most of all I was fed up of Ben. But as it was his birthday I couldn’t let that thought ruin my day or his for that matter.

The barbers was just the start of the adventure. We then headed to Tesco’s (I won’t tell you what was bought there) and it’s not what you think either. Our next stop was a retail park where there was a Next as Ben had to buy an outfit. This was an experience I will never forget. I mean, how could I? Ben’s first outfit consisted of new jeans (fair enough), a t-shirt (not a bad idea) and then he wanted a hoodie (a jumper with a hood). We were heading to London. I asked him what Chris was wearing as I knew he would have something to say about Ben’s outfit. I had briefly met Chris before and knew what he was like.

Once at the til, Ben decided he had changed his mind and decided to get a shirt instead. I said that was a far better choice. As we were getting ready to go, we bumped into another friend of Ben’s – Ed. Now isn’t that a surprise, I hear you cry. I had also met Ed somewhere along the way. We made small talk before Ben realised the time and we headed back to his.

In the car, I reminded Ben that I needed to change as my attire of jeans and a t-shirt wasn’t going to make the cut for the evening. As I said before, Ben is more of a girl than me. Back at his, I asked which dress – the green sparkly one or the black lacy one. Can you guess which one he went for?

The black lacy one.

It did not take me very long to get ready as I had already showered, straightened my hair and just needed to change and put on some make up on. Ben took forever. So we were late in getting to Chris’s. He was dressed smartly and I told him about the debacle in Next for which he laughed at and replied that’s typical Ben. I agreed.

I drove us to the station and Ben got out of the car early as he needed a paper ticket as he didn’t have a wireless card. Chris and I did. Plus the fact I was wearing heels and Chris walked at my pace not 50 steps ahead. I was grateful.

I don’t know if it was jealousy, but I was pretty sure Ben was annoyed at the friendly banter between Chris and I. Don’t get me wrong – Chris is extremely good-looking. More details which will be revealed in part 2. I was very conscious that I was wearing a dress and heels; all of which is still not really me. I do get dressed up, however, I am still very conscious. All the while, I acted the same way I always do with Ben. If I flirt I don’t mean to do intentionally.

The train ride was uneventful compared to the rest of the evening.


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